We not only offer you the plants and trees you need for your landscaping projects, but also essential tools and products you need to finish them. Not seeing what you need? Give us a call today and let us know what you would like to see added to this list!

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Premium Long Leaf Pine Straw Bales

  • Adheres well to slopes. The interlocking needles hold together so they don't float away in heavy rains and helps with erosion control.
  • Bug and termite resistant and pet friendly.
  • Light weight and easy to apply.
  • Helps the soil retain moisture.
  • High in nitrogen for the acid loving plants.
  • Adds organic materials and nutrients to the soil.
  • Allows for better ventilation and water infiltration
  • Insulates the soil and helps maintain a uniform temperature.


100% Cypress Mulch

  • Available in Bulk
  • Made from 100% virgin wood
  • No added chemicals or colorant


Brick Red Shredded Mulch

Brick Red Shredded Mulch
  • Aavailable in Bulk and 1.5CF bags.


Brown Mulch

Brown Mulch
  • Aavailable in Bulk and 1.5CF bags.


Black Mulch

Black Mulch
  • Available in Bulk and 2CF bags.


Pine Nuggets

  • Large Southern Pine Nuggets, sized 2-4 inches
  • Available in Bulk


Pine Mulch

  • Southern Pine Mulch, sized 1/2 inches


Pine Mini Nuggets

  • Medium Pine Nuggets, sized 3/4 inches to 1-3/4 inches

Watering Solutions


Treegator® Jr. Pro

  • Treegator® Jr. Pro is a slow release watering bag for trees, shrubs or evergreens that features a low-profile design which enables it to fit under plantings with branches beginning only 6 inches above the ground


Treegator® Original

  • Treegator® Original is a slow release watering bag that is perfect for newly planted or established trees from 1 to 8 inches in trunk diameter, with branches beginning at least 25 inches from the ground or higher

Tree solutions


ArborbraceTM Palm Brace Kit 5'L X 1", 1000LB Polyprop/Nylon UV Webbing

Arborbrace Palm Brace Kit polyprop-nylon UV webbing2


Palm Brace Kits

  • Burlap is pre-mounted on each wood block. No excess material means no excess moisture around the bark of the tree; greatly reducing the risk of fungus, disease, trunk discoloring and ant nests.
  • Straps are mounted through a wood channel so that the wood blocks won't slip -- potentially a risk with metal banding.
  • The green tree webbing has a approximately 900# tensile rating and the non-rusting locking tension buckles are rated at 1200# break strength.
  • Wood battens have a special notch that easily accepts your 2x4's as they lock the ground supports in place. No more wasting your time beveling wood.   Just snap them in place, nail, and go!


ArborbraceTM Palm Brace Kit 60"1/2" Stainless Steel Quick Release

Arborbrace Palm Brace Kit Stainless Steel Quick Release


ArborbraceTM Tree Guying Kit with Hardened Nylon Anchor 2-4" Caliper Tree

Arborbrace Tree Guying Kit w hardened Nylon Anchor 2-4inC tree2


Tree Guying Kits

  • Nearly 3X faster to install than lodge poles
  • Requires no special tools
  • Tension buckles eliminates the need for turnbuckles
  • System comes ready to install
  • Blends into the landscape
  • Proven system preferred by Landscape Contractors


ArborbraceTM Jumbo Tree Guying Kit with Extra Thick Nylon Anchor 5-7" Caliper Tree

Arborbrace Jumbo Tree Guying Kit w Extra Thick Nylon Anchor 5-7 in Cal tree


3/4" Soft Polypropylene Webbing with UV Protection, Olive Green 

Polypropylene Webbing - 500ft Spool
  • Tree tie webbing is 3/4" wide polypropylene (like nylon)
  • Approximately 900# break strength
  • Will not rot
  • 500ft spool
  • 12 per case

Tools & More


Agriform Planting Tablets

Agriform Planting Tablets
  • (20-10-5)
  • 21 g Pack Size Pk/500


EPIC Deer Scram Outdoor All Natural Granular Animal Repeller

EPIC Deer Scram
  • 6lb Bucket
  • Protects 5,400 square feet


#2 Round Point Shovel

Number 2 Round Point Shovel 48in Fiberglass Handle
  • 48in Fiberglass Handle
  • Brand: Corona


#2 Square Point Shovel

2 Square Point Shovel 48in Fiberglass Handle
  • 48in Fiberglass Handle
  • Brand: Corona


Trench Shovel General Purpose - 4"

General Purpose Shovel
  • 48in Ash Wood Handle
  • Brand: Corona


Lawson Tree Stake Kit 1-1.5" Caliper

Lawson Tree Stake Kit 1-1Halfin Cal
  • Commercial strength rubber supports
  • Straps are flexible allowing tree a slight natural sway
  • 40" strap is good for up to 1-1/2" caliper trees
  • 1/4", 4.5 ft lines
  • 11" stake


Lawson Tree Stake Kit 2-3" Caliper

Lawson Tree Stake Kit 2-3in Cal
  • Commercial strength rubber supports
  • Straps are flexible allowing tree a slight natural sway
  • 60" strap is good for 2" to 3" caliper trees
  • 3/8", 5 ft lines
  • 16" stake