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1ROFCP Rosemary Creeping Prostratus Runners

1 Gallon Creeping Rosemary 'Prostratus' Runners

Specs: 1 Gallon

Item Code: 1ROFCP

Picture Taken: 3/29/2023

3LSSS Ligustrum Sunshine

3 Gallon Ligustrum 'Sunshine'

Specs: 10"-14"H

Item Code: 3LSSS

Picture Taken: 3/29/2023

3CVPS Croton Petra

3 Gallon Croton Petra

Specs: 12"-18"H

Item Code: 3CVPS

Picture Taken: 3/29/2023

3HHPIP Hibiscus - Pink

3 Gallon Pink Hibiscus

Specs: 12"-16"OA 14"Spr

Item Code: 3HHPIP

Picture Taken: 3/29/2023

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