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What exactly does this mean for you as the landscaper?


Our goal is to save you money by doing the hard leg work in sourcing quality material that meets specs, at the best price, getting it all on one truck, delivering exactly when you request it and ensuring you are satisfied. Keep doing what you do best and let us help take the burden of sourcing and delivery... it's what we do best.




What happens when you place an order with Green Dynamix?

Step 1:

Your dedicated Account Executive ensures we have the full details of your project, verifies specs on material requested, delivery date and address. We may even suggest alternative material that can be sourced at a better price, while still meeting your requirements.

Step 2:

Our purchasers go to work aiming to secure the best quality at the best price. We have many partner growers that provide exceptional levels of fulfillment and quality. In the event they don't have the material you need, we are searching the entire southeast region and beyond.

Step 3:

Our logistics department receives the sourcing orders and coordinates pickup of the material. We consistently have trucks all over the southeast that can pick up at a moments notice.

Step 4:

Your material is received at our Lake City location where it undergoes multiple strict quality control processes.

Step 5:

Your entire order is loaded onto one truck to be delivered at the date, time and location you request. Our driving team assists with the unload. In the event the material does not meet your standards, the material is returned and we correct the error by re-shipping as soon as possible.


Imagine doing all of this in house...

While certainly possible, are all the soft costs to perform these tasks truly part of a landscaper's business model? Some landscapers will debate they can always source cheaper in-house. However, think about what you are getting using Green Dynamix versus what you are lacking by sourcing in-house and your cost:

  • Many growers are unable to provide exact consistency to quantity because they are bound by what they currently have in their crop.


  • We source from 100+ growers to make sure all the specs and quality requirements are obtained.


  • Also, we aim to arrive exactly at the time and date requested.


  • With current labor rates, do you want your expensive crews standing around waiting for material to arrive and possible on multiple, different shipments?


  • We have heard from many acquired customers that they have experienced total unproductive days due to shipment delays or errors in the order.


  • Imagine paying your entire install crew a full days wage and receiving zero productivity.


Let us show you the difference!




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