Material Gallery

This gallery is a sampling of our materials, updated weekly.

Knowing what quality you are receiving prior to delivery is important, and part of the difference in using Green Dynamix as your allied supplier! We are happy to send our customers photos of any material they request. We want to give you peace of mind by confirming what you will plant in the ground meets the quality, quantity and spec requirements for each installation before our truck arrives at your job site. Put us to the test! Request material photos by reaching out to your dedicated Account Executive today!

*Availability and pricing are subject to change due to market fluctuations.

Trays and 1 Gallon Containers

1NEFP Fern Sword

Sword Fern

Specs: 1 Gallon

Item Code: 1NEFP

Picture Taken: 10/5/2023

1LMBBP Liriope Big Blue

Liriope 'Big Blue'

Specs: 1 Gallon, 10"-12"H

Item Code: 1LMBBP

Picture Taken: 11/16/2023

1LLOS Lomandra Breeze Grass

Lomandra Breeze Grass

Specs: 1 Gallon, 8"-13"H

Item Code: 1LLOS

Picture Taken: 11/16/2023

3 Gallon Containers

3BSS Boxwood Japanese

Japanese Boxwood

Specs: 3 Gallon, 12"-23"H

Item Code: 3BSS

Picture Taken: 11/16/2023

3ICCHS Ilex Carissa Holly

Ilex Carissa Holly

Specs: 3 Gallon, 6"-10"H

Item Code: 3ICCHS

Picture Taken: 11/17/2023

3GBTS Thyrallis


Specs: 3 Gallon, 8"-12"H

Item Code: 3GBTS

Picture Taken: 11/17/2023

3ICSPS Ilex Sky Pencil

Ilex Sky Pencil

Specs: 3 Gallon, 18"-22"H

Item Code: 3ICSPS

Picture Taken: 11/18/2023

3DVJS Distylium - Vintage Jade

Distylium 'Vintage Jade'

Specs: 3 Gallon, 10"-18"H

Item Code: 3DVJS

Picture Taken: 11/20/2023

3RMCS Drift Rose - Coral

Coral Drift® Rose

Specs: 3 Gallon, 12"-20"H, 8"-13"Spr

Item Code: 3RMCS

Picture Taken: 11/28/2023

3LCCFS Loropetalum Crimson Fire

Loropetalum 'Crimson Fire'

Specs: 3 Gallon, 15"-19"H

Item Code: 3LCCFS

Picture Taken: 11/28/2023

7 Gallon Containers

7VODS Viburnum Walters Densa

Viburnum Walters Densa

Specs: 7 Gallon, 13"-19"H

Item Code: 7VODS

Picture Taken: 11/16/2023

7PVVS Pittosporum Variegated

Variegated Pittosporum

Specs: 7 Gallon, 14"-24"H

Item Code: 7PVVS

Picture Taken: 11/17/2023

7IVUYS Ilex Upright Yaupon Holly - Copy

Ilex Upright Yaupon Holly

Specs: 7 Gallon, 26"-34"H

Item Code: 7IVUYS

Picture Taken: 11/18/2023

7DJBS Distylium - Jewel Box

Distylium 'Jewel Box'

Specs: 7 Gallon, 12"-15"H

Item Code: 7DJBS

Picture Taken: 11/18/2023

7IVSDS Ilex Schilling Dwarf

Ilex Schilling Dwarf

Specs: 7 Gallon, 9"-15"H

Item Code: 7IVSDS

Picture Taken: 11/20/2023

7ICDBS Ilex Dwarf Burford Holly

Ilex Dwarf Burford Holly

Specs: 7 Gallon, 18"-24"H, 16"Spr

Item Code: 7ICDBS

Picture Taken: 11/28/2023

15 Gallon Containers

15ELS Loquat STD

Loquat - Standard Tree Form

Specs: 15 Gallon, 5'-6'H

Item Code: 15ELS

Picture Taken: 11/16/2023

15CCWP Bottlebrush - Weeping STD

Weeping Bottlebrush - Standard Tree Form

Specs: 15 Gallon, 5'-6'H, .5"-.75"Cal

Item Code: 15CCWP

Picture Taken: 11/18/2023

15CHS European Fan Palm

European Fan Palm

Specs: 15 Gallon, 26"-34"H

Item Code: 15CHS

Picture Taken: 11/20/2023

30 Gallon Containers & Larger Material

30PCCLS ∙ Cherry Laurel

Cherry Laurels

Specs: 30 Gallon, 6'H

Item Code: 30PCCLS

Picture Taken: 11/18/2023

30JVBS Red Cedar - Burkii

Red Cedar 'Burkii'

Specs: 30 Gallon, 7'-8'H

Item Code: 30JVBS

Picture Taken: 11/20/2023

30ASPGSTDS Pineapple Guava STD

Pineapple Guava - Standard Tree Form

Specs: 30 Gallon, 6'-8'H

Item Code: 30ASPGSTDS

Picture Taken: 11/28/2023