A unique plant and eye-catching addition to southern landscapes, Jenny Boyer talks about where the Shrimp Plant will thrive and how to care for it. Have a question or plant suggestion for Jenny? Leave a comment below!
Frank Severino, our head of purchasing and sales, talks about the different types of Hydrangeas we offer and the characteristics of each. Which one would you choose for your landscapes? Let Frank know in the comments!
Our Inventory Control Lead, Jenny Boyer, shares some facts about the Vitex tree and gives some insight on where to plant it in your landscapes. Have a question for Jenny? Leave it below in the comments!
Industry veteran and head of our purchasing, Frank Severino, talks about Xeric plant options and how they can help you beat the summer heat in the lower Southeast. Have a question for Frank? Leave it in the comments below and thanks for watching!
As of May 1st 2021, we are rebranding from G&S Nursery to a new name that better reflects who we are and what we do. We are happy to announce our new name in this video – Green Dynamix! Gabriel explains our journey up to this point and we want to thank all of our...