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2018 has seen landscapers in many parts of the country dealing with extremely wet weather. We have witnessed first-hand at G&S Nursery how all the rain has affected our customers. It seems every week we notice a landscaping project washed out by downpours. Last week we saw a large drainage line, freshly installed, get uncovered by rushing water. Which means the landscaping company had to come back to do the job again (with more dirt of course).

We could complain about the weather, but we would do just as much good complaining about gravity! Not much we can do about either.

Mother Nature is undefeated, so there is no need trying to fight her. Staying on schedule during her rainy season is doable though. The first step for anyone involved in grading, planting, installing sod by a NG Turf supplier, or mowing, is accepting that you will have a roller coaster schedule when heavy rain comes daily. Many of you have been in the landscaping industry for years, so you know how to roll with Mother Nature’s punches and not get knocked out of business.

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