Order and Payment Guidelines

Please review our updated guidelines for Order Minimums, Restocking Fees, COD Payments and all New Customers. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact your Account Executive. We greatly appreciate your business and in order to continue providing the highest level of customer satisfaction, we must adhere to the guidelines below as general business practices. 

Minimum Ordering Guidelines

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Minimums for Field Grown & Specially Sourced material are as follows:

  • For customers ordering B&B items, and container material, there will be a minimum quantity of (5) AND/OR a minimum dollar amount of $1,000 for that line item, not to include other items on the order.


  • Freight associated with procuring the items will still be charged as well, per custom.


  • Please keep in mind we do keep a large variety of material on hand at our Lake City location that is ready to ship with a quick turn-around and is excluded from these minimums.


  • Please refer to our quick turnaround list, or reach out to your Account Executive for insight on readily available material.

Restocking Fee Guidelines

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A 20% Restocking Fee will be charged in the event any of the following occurs:

  • The wrong quantity of material, or wrong type of material, is ordered and a return is requested.


  • We have received a signed copy of order confirmation and a return is requested after the truck has left the site of delivery.


  • The customer changes their mind about special order material that is picture approved and procured.


  • There is not a decision maker to sign for the material at the time of delivery and a return is requested after the truck has left the site of delivery.


  • To avoid the possibility of being charged restocking fees, please be sure to do the following:
      • Please proof all order confirmations sent by Account Executives prior to shipment
      • Rejections of material due to quality are only accepted at time of delivery

New Customer & COD Payment Guidelines

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Our processes for New Customers and all COD Payments are as follows:

  • New customers are required to prepay unless they have filled out a credit application, it has been approved and they accept project terms shipped to a jobsite.


  • A NTO is filed on projects for all new customers applying for project terms. Please allow 24-48 hour turn around time to process a credit application. This includes checking trade references, which can sometimes hold up the processing time.


  • Customers that qualify for COD must display a great track record for having payment ready for our driver at time of delivery, a credit card or e-check form on file, or be approved prior to delivery.


  • Any customer that we are unable to collect COD payment from will be converted to a prepay account, or can apply for project terms according to the guidelines for new customers above.


  • All pick up orders must pay COD unless otherwise approved ahead of pick up.