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Plants are an investment. As a landscaper, you know that the quality of the plants you include in each job has a huge impact on how pleased your client will be. At G&S Nursery we are committed to providing you with the highest quality in every plant we offer because we know that being able to trust our quality makes your life easier. That is why starting this spring, G&S Nursery will begin to implement a new grading system for our products. This will help us provide better service and allow our customers to have multiple price points to choose from. Our plants will be organized into two grades: Premium (P) and Standard (S). This scale is designed to help explain our price points to our customers in greater detail.

We wanted to take a moment to emphasize and highlight the benefits of both grades. All of our plants are quality inspected, and both grades will make a great addition to any job. Because of this, you may find yourself asking “why should I buy a more expensive premium quality?” “Is there some drop off of quality between Premium and Standard grade?” These are fair questions for any of our customers to ask, and we are committed to serving you.

Think of it this way, when you are buying a car, you have to consider many factors relative to the price. You will ask yourself questions such as, “am I going to get what I need from this car at the price point I am paying?” In our minds it is the same for an investment in quality plants. You should always be asking yourself the questions: “will this plant meet the client’s desire?” “Do the conditions of this job require a more resilient plant?” Etc. We want to equip you to make the best investment possible. So, we have compiled an explanation of differences and benefits of each grade:

Premium Grade:

When you think Premium Grade, we want you to think focus. A Premium Grade plant will be the centerpiece of a design. It will be bigger and more aesthetically pleasing, all without blowing the budget wide open. The difference between a Premium grade and a Standard grade plant on our availability list is noticeable in every measurement of the plant from the size of the container to the fullness of growth which makes Premium garde the perfect fit for small jobs (such as residential landscape designs, parks, neighborhood developments, etc.), picky clients, and works of art. Your client may be picturing flowers in bloom, trees full of life and growth, and an unreasonable oasis of beauty–we’re not saying our Premium grade plants will definitely meet these needs, but we’re not not saying it either.

Jokes aside, our Premium grade will give your job the centerpiece you need to please even the pickiest clients because they are more mature which will give your job a more immediately aesthetically pleasing look. If that is the goal, Premium grade is the way to go. In addition to being aesthetically pleasing, more mature plants are less likely to sustain critical damage during transport and are less likely to suffer the natural ill effects that accompany the early stages of plant growth.

Standard Grade:

While our Premium Grade is designed to set apart our largest, and highest quality plants that deserve to be the focal point of small jobs, we would never want to pressure our customers into buying something they do not need simply because it is more expensive. One of the main reasons we have developed this system is to help you decide what is best for your needs. If the above description does not sound like what you need, we invite you to look into our Standard Grade.

Standard Grade plants are the perfect blend of quality and price. For many jobs, Standard quality will give you exactly what you are looking for at a better price point than Premium–saving you money. If your job is not a smaller, design focused job (typical of large commercial landscaping), then our Standard Quality will be more than satisfactory. Standard Grade is perfect for any job that requires large volume because they are our typical quality, but will not dominate the landscape or the budget. Yes, these plants are smaller than Premium grade, but on some jobs this simply won’t matter.

Bottom Line

The truth is, your project may not require Premium grade plants to complete with excellence. We understand that, and want to offer other options for you to choose from. Quality is always of the utmost importance at G&S and this new grading system is designed to enhance our current processes. We never want to pressure our customers into buying a Premium grade for jobs where they are not needed, and we hope this system will help us find what’s perfect for you. If you have any questions about our new grading system, please don’t hesitate to call!

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