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We want your business! And we think you want us to have your business.


There’s a couple of reasons:

We have figured out a way to solve many landscaper’s problems.

We know many landscapers struggle to find the time to locate the material they need, make sure it’s competitively priced, and once they find what they’re looking for, figure out how to get it picked up and dropped off at the jobsite!

What makes this even harder is if you are starting the project very soon, covering your payroll, and still working on your funding draws for the last project you are finishing.

Here is how we can more than just help, but completely solve these problems for you.

  1. We will find the material you need. The 130 items on our attached availability list is just the start! If there is something not on this list you need for your project, no worries. We have shipped over 600 varieties of plants just in the past 12 months. We can make it happen.
  2. You can depend on us to quote competitive prices. We know the going rate on hundreds of plant species and where the best material can be found. It’s all we do, all day long. Just send us your material list and we send you back an estimate on everything on your list within 2 business hours. Talk about easy ordering!
  3. We will bring it right to you. We will spend our time and labor to load it all up on the truck, and schedule a quick delivery to drive it directly to your project on the day you need it.
  4. Our Credit Terms and Job Funding will make this even easier. Making your finances easier makes everybody’s job easier; we would be glad to work with your general contractor and be paid as part of the draw process. Just complete a simple credit application, and ask us about possible Job Funding.

Your next steps are easy.

  1. Email your material list to sales(@) for a quick estimate.
  2. Call us now at 386-754-0161 and let us know what your businesses greatest challenges are, and give us a shot at solving them for you. We guarantee to be The Highlight of your Day!
  3. Save this availability sheet, business card, and pin it to your wall!

In addition, just for emailing us over your next material list to quote, we will give you a free r/c helicopter!

There is no reason to delay solving your issues; call us now at 386-754-0161.

( Zack, Jorge, Charlie, Nate, Chad, Nikki, Steve, Ben, & Yvette )