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I was at dinner with my daughter Francesca the other day and I asked her “Do you think Daddy has a good job?”

She replied, “Yea, you work hard at your job. Everybody at G&S works hard”. She continued “Everybody loves plants because plants give you oxygen to breathe and everyone buys plants at G&S so they can breathe!

Needless to say I am quite glad to have a good job, enjoy working with incredible team members, and very pumped to have a daughter that puts the need for air on par with the benefits of buying plants at G&S Nursery.

Whether your need for plants ASAP is almost as crucial as your need for Oxygen (or perhaps slightly less urgent is ok too), all you need to do is make an easy phone call to us at Call 386-754-0161, or reply and let us know what we can help with.

(Here is Francesca visiting us at the G&S office with her new puppy Bingo!)